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Nonpoint’s Robb Rivera On Owning Master Recordings & Streaming Royalties: “‘Bullet With A Name’ Paid My Bills Last Year”


Nonpoint are among the rare few acts who have managed to gain the rights to at least some of the master recordings of their past releases. It would appear that the masters to their 2005 album “To The Pain” is one of them, as the group’s drummer Robb Rivera recently spoke of how the streaming royalties from that album’s lead single “Bullet With A Name” helped pay his bills last year.

That track serves as a close second in popularity for the group, closing in on 28 million plays on Spotify alone. Their cover of Phil Collins‘ “In The Air Tonight” currently stands atop their most popular tracks. Speaking with Josh Toomey as part of Knotfest‘s Twitch channel, Rivera said of that:

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“I see some of the comments and because labels are getting the streaming dollars, now because that’s how they get paid back. They don’t get paid back by record sales, they get paid back by streaming. The labels got to get paid back. The labels are like a bank account, they give you money to record,money for marketing money for video, you got to pay that shit back. It’s not like they give it to you. So you know… but once we saw the money coming in for just ‘Bullet With A Name‘, yeah, ‘Bullet With A Name‘ paid my bills last year. So I am not upset!”

Nonpoint launched their own record label 361 Records earlier this year, you can find more details about it here.

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