Kittie's Morgan Lander

Watch Kittie’s Morgan Lander & ‘Alternative Trap Nü-Metal Hybrid’ We Are Pigs Join Forces On “Moot”


We Are PIGS have released their new track “Moot“, which finds Kittie, etc. frontwoman/guitarist Morgan Lander guesting. We Are PIGS is an ‘alternative trap nü-metal hybrid’ project spearheaded by producer/musician Esjay Jones. Lander said of her involvement:

“I feel like women supporting women in the music industry is something that we always need more of, and the fact that Esjay is a musician/writer/engineer and producer puts her in a class all by herself. ‘Moot‘ is unapologetic and angry, the voice of unbridled rage questioning everything in a very uncertain time. Lending my voice to be heard on this song is something I’m very proud of and hope that listeners enjoy it and fear it a bit, as much as I do.”

Jones revealed that she was inspired to work with Lander after watching the ‘Kittie: Origins/Evolutions‘ documentary. She said of that:

“Five minutes into it I was enamored and empowered. I was deeply fueled by the band’s brazen tenacity, willingness to take risks, continuous forward momentum in the face of adversarial forces and their ability to level the playing field in a super male-dominated genre within a male-dominated industry.

Literally, as soon as the documentary ended, I sent an unsolicited e-mail to Morgan asking if she would consider collaborating on this We Are PIGS single. Making music with Morgan has been a bucket list experience — she is the real deal and I feel honored and privileged to have had this opportunity to create with a hero!”

[via Revolver]

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