36 Crazyfists

36 Crazyfists Reportedly Planning To Continue Without Vocalist Brock Lindow


36 Crazyfists appear to be planning to continue on without frontman Brock Lindow. The news follows guitarist Steve Holt seemingly calling out Lindow in a post this past March, which also saw him proclaim the end of the band. That post read:

“I have never in my life given more to a cause or person to get dehumanized and betrayed. Nor has the extent of selfishness even ever crossed my mind. Family is family. This man is a coward, a thief, a fake, and I’m sad I fell under his spell, like many others… #RIP36CF”

In a new reply made on his social media, Holt has now stated that there’s new music in the works and it would appear to be without Lindow involved. When a fan asked, “don’t want to be that guy but i have to know, is 36 done?”, Holt responded:

“dude I hate to be that guy, but I’ve got a massive amount of music written this winter, certain parties may not be involved, it is what it is, there will be 36 music from our camp this year, guaranteed”

“Which includes Myself, Kobra and Bear.”

Rumors of a past financial dispute over band funds involving Lindow have surfaced in recent weeks. If true, it would seem they have driven a wedge between him and the group, though nothing public has ever been said on the matter. Lindow himself recently stated that work was moving ahead on a new album from the outfit during an appearance on ‘The Jasta Show‘ several weeks ago.

[via MetalSucks]

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