Rikard SundénLeonhard Kreissig via Wikimedia Commons

Ex-Sabaton/Civil War Guitarist Rikard Sundén Sentenced To Prison For Molesting An Underage Girl & Child Pornography Possession


MetalSucks report that guitarist Rikard Sundén has been convicted of sexual abusing an eight-year-old girl and possessing child pornography by a Swedish court. Sundén was a founding member of Sabaton and performed with them until exiting in 2012. He would return for a live performance with group during a 20th anniversary show in August of 2019. Since exiting Sabaton he had been playing with the band Civil War.

According to court documents obtained by MetalSucks, Sundén was found to have molested his daughter’s friend during an overnight stay. A resulting police seizure of his personal computers and phones found him to be in possession of six films involving underage children committing sexual acts.

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The incident in question dates back to February 14th of 2020, during which Sundén, who has since changed his name to Johan Andersson, is alleged to have sexually touched the girl under her clothes while checking on her and his daughter overnight. Sundén is said to have denied those claims. A summarization of his testimony read:

“His theory is that his daughter, who touches herself a lot when she sleeps, has accessed NN3 [the victim] with her hands and feet in her sleep. NN3 has since made a mistake and thought it was him.” The court also heard testimony from the mother of the victim and Sundén‘s wife, who was later made aware of his actions that night.

The court heard testimony of how the girl’s demeanor and behavior had changed drastically since the incident, becoming ‘withdrawn’ and being described by her mother as a ‘a shadow of herself’. A document relating to Sundén‘s child pornography possession reads:

Johan Andersson has owned seven child pornographic films. It happened on April 3 2020 at Trotzgatan 90, Falun, Falu municipality. The crime should be considered serious as the films depict children who are particularly exposed to serious sexual coercion and violence and has been exploited in otherwise particularly ruthless ways. Johan Andersson Rikard Sundén committed the act with intent.’

Sundén is said to have admitted to watching the films, but denied ownership of them, citing other individuals as having had access to the devices in question, including touring bandmates, a previous owner of the computer and a computer repair person.

He is further said to have disputed that the participants in the videos were underage. The court is said to have heard testimony that he had told a psychologist that he had been watching child pornography beginning back in 2005.

Since being charged, his wife has divorced him and taken custody of their 3 children. He also alleges to have changed his name in an order to protect his children.

For his crimes, he was sentenced to nine months in prison with a fine of SEK 53,400. His charges included one count of child sexual abuse and six counts of possession of child pornography. It was noted that the ages of the participants in a seventh video found on his hard drive could not be verified. Further disturbing details in the case can be found over at MetalSucks.

On March 12th, 2021 Civil War announced that they had replaced Sundén with Thobbe Englund, offering:

“We can now share the news that Thobbe Englund (ex member of Sabaton, Raubtier…) is now part of Civil War.

Since February, Rikard has not been a member of the band and we are now proud to present how Civil War will go on into the future!

Thobbe brings a lot of energy and he is a great guitar player, and since Rikard was never a part of our songwriting team, we are confident that you will appreciate this exciting change in Civil War.

We look forward to finalizing the upcoming album with Thobbe and soon we will have more great news to share with you!❤️”