Rings Of Saturn

Rings Of Saturn Release Censored Version Of “The Husk” Music Video


Rings Of Saturn have newly released a censored version of their official music video for their 2019 track “The Husk“. The alternate take on the video came about as the original video was censored and age-restricted by YouTube. The band’s linchpin Lucas Mann commented:

“Hey everyone, I just wanted to explain why I felt a censored version of this video was necessary on YouTube. Within a few days of the release of the original version of this music video, YouTube “Age Restricted” it due to the gory scenes of the alien abduction going against their family friendly community standards. What this meant was that most people needed to actually sign into their YouTube account and confirm their age to even watch the video. This also meant that the videos reach was severely limited on the YouTube algorithm making it basically invisible to most people and was never found in the recommended section like our other content has been. Lastly it deactivated the ability for a lot of people to share the content across some social media platforms altogether. Hopefully everyone is able to enjoy this censored version of the music video, and also be able to find it and share it a bit more easily than the original. Thanks for the support, and enjoy ❤👽”

In other news, the band are also not streaming the instrumental version of their 2019 album “Gidim” on YouTube as well. The band’s latest release is a re-recorded version of their 2010 debut album “Embryonic Anomaly“, which they released this past February.

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