Alluvial (Ex-The Faceless, Etc.) Sign With Nuclear Blast Records, Debut “Ulysses” From New Album “Sarcoma”


Alluvial, who feature guitarist Wes Hauch (ex-The Faceless, Black Crown Initiate, etc.), ex-Suffocation vocalist Kevin Muller, drummer Matthew Paulazzo (Aegaeon, The Zenith Passage) and more, have signed with Nuclear Blast Records. Their new album “Sarcoma” will be out through the label on May 28th and can be pre-ordered here.

Ulysses” has been launched as the first single from the release and can be heard below. Hauch said of the album’s title:

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“‘Sarcoma‘ is a type of cancer that grows from connective tissue in the body. At the end of working on everything, Kevin [Muller] pinpointed that each song on the record was about the different perils that happen at the hand of one man to another. These perils live in our connections to one another, so ‘Sarcoma‘ became an apt title.”

As for “Ulysses“, Hauch drew on his own personal experience from serving in the military. He stated of that:

“I was always in trouble in my small hometown. After going to a county jail, I joined the military and took orders as an Equipment Operator bound for the US Naval Mobile Construction Battalions. The enlisted side of the military are all misfits of one kind or another. Because of this, it’s really a continuation of high school. The military continued raising us, for better or worse.

In 2005, I deployed to Iraq and convoyed throughout Baghdad for seven months. If you were in Iraq from 03 to 08, it was generally pretty bad. Because of that, I wouldn’t call my experience in Iraq “unique,” it was just a hot time over there. If you convoyed, you were gonna get shot at, and you were gonna deal with IED’s.

If you were in a camp, you were gonna get mortared. If you were infantry and you were kicking down doors, god bless you, you were gonna have it the worst out of anyone. ‘Ulysses’ is a glossary of my hindsight on that experience.”

The outfit previously featured Keith Merrow among their ranks.

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