Fear FactoryKevin Estrada

Fear Factory’s “Mechanize” & “The Industrialist” Hit Streaming Services


Having obtained 100% of the rights to the Fear Factory trademark last year following the conclusion of several legal battles involving former members of the band and himself, guitarist Dino Cazares has seen to it that two of the aforementioned band’s past albums have returned to digital service providers. Those records include 2010’s “Mechanize” and its 2012 follow-up “The Industrialist“. Cazares commented:

While Cazares‘ ownership of the trademark enabled him to do the digital housekeeping for those records, the band’s 2004 and 2005 albums “Archetype” and “Transgression” remain absent, as he has no stake in them. Both of those efforts were recorded and released during a period where Cazares himself was not a member of the band. He briefly mentioned that via the band’s official social media account, offering:

A new Fear Factory album is expected out in the months to come and will represent the band’s final recording with frontman Burton C. Bell. That opus was recorded several years ago but became entangled in the various legal disputes that erupted over the rights to the band.

Cazares emerged with 100% control of the band’s trademark in the end—a situation Bell was apparently unhappy with, officially exiting the group last fall. Cazares has already expressed his intent to eventually find a replacement for Bell and continue on with the band.

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