We Came As Romans

We Came As Romans Are Currently Recording Their New Album


We Came As Romans have been in the studio recording their new album in Los Angeles, CA lately. Members of the band have shared some thoughts about those sessions thus far, including bassist/vocalist Andy Glass, who recently posted the following on social media:

“A few days ago I got home from LA, where we had just finished recording our new record. It was, hands down, the most amazing studio experience I have ever had. Me, the band and the producer came together and put every ounce of energy into making something truly beautiful for Kyle. I’m beyond proud of what we created. • When I got home I sat on my couch and just cried for what felt like hours.

I just couldn’t believe we had finally finished it. For so long I’ve been carrying around these emotions, thoughts, ideas and expectations on what this record should be. At some points, that was the only thing I thought about. I just wanted to make sure I was giving all of myself into this no matter what the cost. The next few days at home I was still finding myself crying, or just feeling huge waves of emotions. Unexplainable and uncomfortable, but something I knew I just had to sit with. • It then dawned on me that this is still part of grief. This is still part of that process.

It also dawned on me that I had/have so much of my personal life to continue to work on and pursue. I was on this journey and now that I’ve returned home to myself I’m seeing all the things I neglected or put aside. So now that this task is done, I’m going to start diving back into me. I’m going to take some alone time to sort my emotions, to learn about myself, to refocus my goals, to figure out what I want and what I need. • If anyone else is feeling this way please just take some time to yourself.

Be kind and gentle to yourself. Any new form of change or growth breaks the old mold that your mind has made. It does cause brief moments of pain and discomfort, but ultimately going through that pain can create a great change in your life for the betterment of yourself. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope everyone is safe and well.”

While Glass has completed his parts, guitarist Joshua Moore has now stepped up to the plate, stating earlier today (February 23rd):

The album is tentatively expected out on SharpTone Records later in the year and will be the band’s first since the 2018 passing of their co-vocalist, etc. Kyle Pavone.

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