August Burns Red

August Burns Red Song Used As A Torture Device In New Episode Of ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’


Heavy metal music has never been for everyone and as such, it has remained a popular choice over the years to employ a form of musical torture by clandestine agencies and armed forces. The relentless blasting of metal songs—especially to those who culturally have no prior experience with the genre—can be disorienting in itself. Paired with unrelenting repetition and blaring volume levels, the sensory overload it helps produce has been seen as effective method to ‘break’ someone by torturers worldwide.

Brujeria‘s music was used in such a method during season 3 of the popular Netflix show, ‘Ozark‘. Now August Burns Red‘s “Bones” from their 2020 release “Guardians” is the latest song to fictionally be employed in such a method, appearing in a recently aired episode of ‘NCIS: Los Angeles‘.

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Footage of that ‘torture’ scene can be found below. The band’s guitarist JB Brubaker commented:

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