King 810's David Gunn

Fans Speculate That King 810’s David Gunn May Have Participated In U.S. Capitol Building Protest


King 810 vocalist David Gunn may have been one of those who took to marching on the U.S. Capitol building in protest of the results of the latest U.S. presidential election earlier this month on January 06th. The below photo has been pointed out by fans, showing a man that looks similar to Gunn not only sporting a very similar hairstyle, but also the same jacket Gunn has worn at both live shows and in promo shots.

In addition to fronting King 810, Gunn also pursues a rap career under the moniker of Yavid. While Gunn may have attended the riot, it should be noted that it doesn’t seem like he appears in any of the photos released by authorities of those who actually breached the Capitol building itself.

Footage of the person in the photographs thought to be Gunn can also be seen in the below video around 10:30 in.

Footage of Officer #5586 (Miller) being dragged out and beaten at the Capitol. from r/PublicFreakout

[via Metal Injection]

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