Metallica’s Songs Were Streamed Over A Billion Times On Spotify In 2020


Metallica have published their 2020 streaming data per Spotify‘s annual ‘Spotify Wrapped‘ reports and as you might have suspected, the numbers are staggering. The thrash metal titans garnered 1.1 billion streams on the aforementioned streaming service in 2020, totalling 99.3 million hours of play from 53.3 million listeners in 92 countries.

As the band themselves teased in the below post, one specific song accounted for 128.6 million of those streams this year alone. Given that “Enter Sandman” and “Nothing Else Matters” remain the band’s most popular songs on Spotify, it would seem that one of them was the likely candidate.

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While the Metallica‘s overall streams didn’t increase too dramatically in 2020 (relatively at least), they do represent bigger gains elsewhere. Last year’s numbers saw the group garner 1 billion streams with 89.9 million hours of play from 45.9 million listeners in 79 countries.

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