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Greg Puciato Releases “Evacuation” Live Video


This week saw Greg Puciato (The Black Queen, ex-The Dillinger Escape Plan) give a home release to his recent streaming event, “Fuck Content“. If you’ve yet to dive into that visual feast, the below video for his solo track “Evacuation” from the set has newly been released. You can pick up the set in video and audio formats over at this location and Bandcamp.

The performance notably saw the debut of a stack of new tracks and ran as follows:

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01 – “You, Staring At Me, Staring At You” (new song)
02 – “Heaven Of Stone
03 – “Creator Of God
04 – “Fire For Water
05 – “Deep Set
06 – “Fireflies
07 – “Do You Need Me To Remind You?
08 – “Absence” (excerpt)
09 – “Roach Hiss
10 – “Down When I’m Not
11 – “Evacuation
12 – “September City
13 – “Absence As A Presence” (new song)
14 – “Don’t Wanna Deal” (new song)
15 – “Crazy All Around” (new song)
16 – “Lying At The Bottom Of The Sky” (new song)

Puciato‘s debut solo album “Child Soldier: Creator Of God” saw a release this past October.

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