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Buckcherry’s Josh Todd On Combating COVID-19: “I’m All For Herd Immunity”


Buckcherry frontman Josh Todd was recently asked about his opinion on how to deal with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic by Andy Hall of Lazer 103.3 (hear it below). The interview took place prior to the band performing a socially distanced show last night, October 17th, at the U.S Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids, IA. Asked for his thoughts on what it will take for large gatherings, concerts, etc. to come back, Todd revealed that he backed the concept of herd immunity with safety measures of masks, temperature testing, etc. in place.

For those unfamiliar, without a vaccine in place, herd immunity would essentially mean letting a virus run unchecked to the point that enough people have become infected by it to greatly limit the spread of infection, thus providing an indirect protection.

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However, COVID-19 may yet prove to be a bit more troublesome in that department as cases of reinfections in previously recovered patients have been emerging as of late. Speaking of herd immunity and the situation we currently face, Todd stated:

“It’s hard to even comment about this, because so many people are so riled up. And it’s really tough. And I don’t wanna be judged. We live in a super-judgmental society now, with social media. I’m all for herd immunity — I always was, way back. I think the Swedish community has really — they’ve handled it well. Their numbers are not any more than our numbers, and they’ve just gone on with life.

If this was a different type of disease — if it was Ebola or something like that — then it’s a whole different ballgame, because the death rate is a lot more severe. I’m not saying this… Because I know a lot of people have lost loved ones. And I am totally compassionate about all that. I just think herd immunity, but just following safety protocols — just everybody wearing masks and people getting temperature tested before they go into work, and if they have a high temperature, they get sent home.

We’ve gotta get on with it or we’re gonna come back to some serious problems, and it’s gonna be way worse than the fallout from all this that has nothing to do with coronavirus. That’s a whole argument, of course, and debate that people will wanna argue with, but I’m all for herd immunity.”


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