Jeramie Kling & Taylor Nordberg

Jeramie Kling & Taylor Nordberg Exit Massacre: “We Will Not Stand By And Have Our Reputations Meddled With By Childish Behavior”


Drummer Jeramie Kling and guitarist Taylor Nordberg have announced their departure from Massacre. The pair issued a joint statement on the matter regarding the acrimonious split, it reads as follows:

“It is with both regret and relief that we announce our departure from Massacre. To everyone who warned us a year ago when we joined the band: you were right. It has been a year of severe ups and downs and unfortunately it has become a working environment we cannot be a part of any longer.

What was presented as a democracy turned out to be a dictatorship with an excruciating lack of communication. We will not stand by and have our reputations meddled with by childish behavior. We present ourselves as professionals and bring 110% of our beings into all of the projects we have.

We wrote and presented 14 songs for the band’s new album, provided our contacts in the industry which we have naturally/organically procured through our years of touring, only to be accused of trying to take over the band, which is a paranoid delusion. It is also unfortunate that a certain individual refused to speak on the phone to us to discuss any issue of the band, but we have no choice but to bow out of this unhealthy relationship.

We apologize to our fans and the Massacre fans that they will not get to hear the new album we wrote for the band…at least not as a Massacre album. We cherish our time spent with Michael Borders and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.”

Massacre vocalist Kam Lee has seemingly indirectly commented on the matter over the weekend via his Facebook, in part offering:

“I’m done with opportunist. I’m done with new faces.

I’m sticking to TRUSTED friends that have proven loyalties.
Not by just words. Words are fleeting, words are meaningless, but by actions.
Like the cliche saying goes… Actions speak louder then words.

People of whom I have worked with and alongside for years. Those who have proven their worth

As well… Always – ALWAYS… Be weary of the company of jackals and the friends they keep.
If you’re going to lie in a den of jackals, and those dogs are pals with vipers that have poisoned you in the past. Remember it’s not too far off and before long that pack of ungrateful hounds will coil around that fucking snake yet again to attempt to inject it’s venom into you. All the while the jackals lick each other’s balls.

Serpents by nature are cruel merciless slithering and poison toxic cunts, and the company they keep are just as slimy.”

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