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Pitchshifter To Reissue 1990 Demo As A Limited Edition Cassette


Pitchschifter‘s 1990 demo will be getting a limited edition cassette release on August 21st through Ripcord Records. The outing has been titled “Demo 1990+” and will be limited to 100 hand-numbered copies (50 clear cassettes/50 transparent red cassettes) in celebration of its 30th anniversary of sorts. The band’s bassist Mark Clayden commented:

“It was a snapshot of our lives, and how frustrated we were with everything around us in the military-industrial complex as we saw it at that time (and, newsflash, folks, nothing much seems to have changed in three decades…). I had no idea at that time that a few copies of a C-60 audio cassette made in an attic would be the start of the next 25 years of my life.”

He further stated:

“I love the idea that the end is the beginning; Ouroboros, Pitch Shifter (two words) began with a demo tape. 30 years later, Pitchshifter (one word) is releasing that same demo in the same format.

To me, the demo signifies that anybody can make music and be successful (by their own definition of success, granted) with their art. What started off as some rough musical ideas in our heads, combined with some lyrics written out on crumpled pieces of paper, turned out to be the humble beginnings of meeting legends like John Peel, recording multiple albums, being on the covers of magazines, and touring the world.

If a bunch of punk kids like us could achieve that, then anybody could do it. I would encourage anyone reading this to follow their passion and see where it takes them.”

Frontman J.S. Clayden designed new artwork for this new release, which will be made available via Bandcamp.

Demo 1990+” track listing:

01 – “Brutal Cancroid
02 – “Catharsis
03 – “Inflamator
04 – “Landfill
05 – “Skin Grid
06 – “Eye
07 – “Gravid Rage

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