Trapt Dispute Reported First Week Sales Of Their New Album “Shadow Work”


Trapt‘s newest album “Shadow Work” allegedly isn’t off to a flying start when it comes to pure sales, though there appears to be some dispute when it comes to the actual numbers. Various industry reports have the album moving 600 copies in pure sales during its first official week of proper availability (a July 03rd release date was promoted). However, Trapt frontman Chris Taylor Brown has disputed these numbers, claiming the album shifted nearly 4000 copies during the July 03rd to 09th reporting period:

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Adding to the confusion, the album was seemingly made available digitally on streaming services weeks ago on June 19th—a move which would certainly seem to cut into the overall numbers of the album’s official first week reporting period. Notably both Spotify and Apple Music list the album as having had a June 19th release.

Regardless of the actual numbers shifted, “Shadow Work” failed to enter the Billboard 200 in either of those reporting periods—a feat nearly all of its predecessors were able to do. This past May, the band’s divisive frontman Brown infamously lavished the following lofty praise on the record:

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