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Burton C. Bell Reflects On Fear Factory’s “Demanufacture” Turning 25


Yesterday, June 13th, saw Fear Factory‘s 1995 sophomore album officially turn 25. In honor of that, the band’s frontman Burton C. Bell reflected on the album’s creative origins and inspirations as well as its difficult recording process in a new piece over at Kerrang!.

In addition to revealing which movies helped inspire the lyrical content for the album, Bell also spoke of how the 1992 Los Angeles riots also played a big part in shaping the record. He also shared some interesting anecdotes:

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Dino and I used to live together back then and he memorised all of [Pantera‘s] ‘Cowboys From Hell‘, because he wanted to pick like Dimebag. And here’s a fun fact… the riff for ‘New Breed‘ is the riff for a Stone Temple Pilots song played backwards, ‘Vaseline‘, I think.”

Looking back at the album now, he offered:

“That album changed my whole career and opened up a whole lot of doors for us. I think it’s stood the test of time. Not just sonically and in production, but lyrically it holds true. For us, with the riots and everything, there was literally tension in the air, you could see it.”

You can find the whole piece over at Kerrang!. Fear Factory toured on the 20th anniversary of “Demanufacture” several years back and have largely been quiet since thanks to various legal in-fighting that has plagued their career.