Beartooth Part Ways With Guitarist Kamron Bradbury


Beartooth have announced that they have parted ways with their rhythm guitarist Kamron Bradbury, citing ‘personal reasons.’ A statement from the band issued on the matter earlier today (May 24th) reads as follows:

“Dear Beartooth fans,

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We feel that it is important to let everyone know that due to personal reasons, we have decided to part ways with our guitarist Kamron Bradbury. Kam has been instrumental in developing Beartooth into the band that it is today.

His contributions will have a lasting impact on the legacy of the band, and he will be missed. We all love Kam very much, and he is above all a once in a lifetime friend. We are thankful to have shared so many memories with him over the years.

Caleb, Oshie, Zach, & Connor

Bradbury had stepped back from touring with the band last year with Will Deely of City Lights fame having filled in.