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The Word Alive’s Telle Smith Says “There Is No Screaming” On His Upcoming Solo Album


With The Word Alive‘s sixth studio album “Monomania” having seen a release this past month, the band’s frontman Tyler “Telle” Smith has been making some more time for his upcoming solo album. As part of a recent interview on the ‘BREWtally Speaking Podcast‘ (hear it below,) Smith had the following to say about his solo venture:

“Well I touch on everything that I haven’t, for the most part, with my solo stuff.

I’m a huge fan of instrumental music, post-rock, but I’m also a fan of pop music and hip hop, but I like a very specific style of each of those. You say pop and you’re like Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber, and that’s not necessarily any influence to me, but I like lo-fi stuff. I like really, the cool buzzword would be ‘vibey’.

One of my mission statements, if you will, of my solo project is I want you to be able to sleep to it, fuck to it or dance to it. It could be on in the background of a party. It could be you’re having a life talk with your friend, and just going real deep into life. It could be you just want to wind down.

It’s not abrasive like The Word Alive has [been] throughout our music. So I will say that there is no screaming, but there is guitar on almost every song. There’s not live drums on every song, but there is in most of the songs.

Luke Holland, our old drummer, actually featured on one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written and I can’t wait for that song to come out. It’s really just me being able to do whatever I want and no rules. I don’t feel the need to get something from it.

It’s literally just for me, and if no one liked it, that’d be fine with me, but from my circle of friends and industry friends that have heard some of it, it’s surprising to most of them and it’s nice for me; because while there are some elements of my voice that you’ll recognize through The Word Alive to that.

There’s still so much more that I feel like I can do with my voice that just doesn’t make sense to in The Word Alive. So this is me connecting all the dots of everything I’m truly inspired by and influenced by, without taking away from The Word Alive.

I wanted it to be something that was very disconnected from The Word Alive, so that if The Word Alive is your thing that’s your thing, you’re not having to pick and choose… If you love The Word Alive, you might like this, but you could easily love this and not like my band, or like my band and not like this.

So I think I did what I set out to do, and now I’m just in the mixing stage. I’ll probably write one or two more songs, just to see if I can top something I’ve done. I’m really excited about it. Obviously fans have been very patient over the years.

Originally I was gonna do an acoustic project and just have it be that, ’cause I could do that all day and just record whenever. But I was like, I could still do that and just put out those songs out there, but this is an actual project that I hope to play shows with and make something special.”

The band were recently the victims of theft following a van break-in while on tour in Sacramento, CA earlier this week. They have since launched this shirt to help them recoup their estimated $10,000 loss. The band’s next North American tour will run as follows:

With Starset & Dianna Cowern from ‘Physics Girl‘:

06/13 Hampton, NH – Casino Ballroom (tickets)
06/14 Huntington, NY – The Paramount (tickets)

With Starset:

06/16 Baltimore, MD – Baltimore Soundstage (tickets)
06/17 Richmond, VA – The National (tickets)
06/19 Lake Buena Vista, FL – House Of Blues (tickets)
06/20 Fort Lauderdale, FL – Revolution Live (tickets)
06/21 Tampa, FL – The Ritz Ybor

With Starset & Dianna Cowern from ‘Physics Girl‘:

06/23 Birmingham, AL – Iron City
06/24 Chattanooga, TN – The Signal
06/26 Louisville, KY – Mercury Ballroom (tickets)
06/27 Cleveland, OH – House Of Blues may receive a commission from tickets purchased through the links in the above post.

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