Tommy Gibbons

Tommy Gibbons (Ex-Flaw) Joins Farewell To Fear Following Plagiarism Scandal


Guitarist/bassist Tommy Gibbons has announced his return to music, having joined the band Farewell To Fear as their touring guitarist. This past October Gibbons announced that he had stepped away from music following a plagiarism scandal which saw him fired from Flaw.

Gibbons was found to have lifted the compositions of several musicians and presented them as his own to Flaw. In turn, a number of the songs made it on to Flaw‘s latest album “Vol. IV Because Of The Brave” without proper credit to the original composers.

At the time, Gibbons blamed his plagiarism on a shoddy memory, explaining that he had been covering various artists from YouTube and more to better himself as a musician. He said of that:

“Over the years I have listened to and re recorded hundreds and hundreds of songs online. I also have hundreds and hundreds of songs recorded on my studio computer which have been compiled over the last 10 or so years, some of them mine and some of them taken from other inspiration.

I regretfully did not label and differentiate the music I wrote and recorded from a blank slate versus the inspiration I found and re-recorded as I was trying to further myself.”

Now Gibbons has announced his new role with the below post:

“Well there you guys go…..a lot of you wanted me back!!!! So here I’M BACK!!!!!!! I want to thank you guys for all the support and love you have showed me…..I guess we’ll just see what happens…….”

Farewell To Fear added:

“*ANNOUNCEMENT* all of us from FAREWELL TO FEAR would like to welcome TOMMY GIBBONS as our TOURING GUITARIST!!!!!! He filled in for us for the Chris Jericho Cruise so let’s welcome Tommy and let’s see what the future holds!!!!!! More updates coming soon!!!!! Thank you all for the continued support”

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