Tombs Confirm New Lineup, Debut “Monarchy Of Shadows”


Tombs have announced their signing to Season Of Mist. A February 28th release date has been set for the band’s new EP “Monarchy Of Shadows” via the label with the title track now streaming below. You can find pre-orders for the EP itself here.

Speaking of their new label home, the band’s Mike Hill commented:

“I’ve been a huge fan of Season of Mist for years, so I feel honored for Tombs to be joining the label. The rest of the guys share the same sentiments. ‘Monarchy of Shadows’ is a full on display of the new era of the band. Ferocious, brutal, but with an intense introspection. This is the best work that we’ve done to date.”

There’s been a considerable lineup change since we’ve last seen the band as three members of Kalopsia (drummer Justin Spaeth, guitarist Matt Medeiros & bassist Drew Murphy) have joined the fold. Hill commented of that:

“If it were up to me I’d have unlimited numbers of people in the band; strings, keyboards, three guitar players and so on, but that can’t happen. However, for the first time in the history of Tombs there has been a collaboration between band members. It’s not just me writing everything. It’s a big difference from ‘The Grand Annihilation‘ which was basically a solo record.”

He further stated of the matter:

“I’m playing with excellent players who are on the same creative page and have introduced elements that weren’t obvious to me which ended up expanding the band’s sound. I feel like the music and this incarnation of the band is a lot more powerful because there’s a personal investment from all the members.

We have a label behind us that understands what we’re about aesthetically and is used to working with bands like ours. There’s a new, more thoughtful and collaborative approach to song writing and I feel that this EP is the strongest record of the band’s history. It’s another growth period for Tombs.”