Nü-Metal-Loving Character From HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Has An Amusing Official Spotify Playlist


If you’ve been watching HBO‘s ‘Silicon Valley‘ over the past few years, you’re likely aware of the character ‘Russ Hanneman‘, played by actor Chris Diamantopoulos. The recurring character is depicted as a nü-metal-loving billionaire who repeatedly gets involved with the main cast.

If you’re not up to date on last week’s episode you may want to stop reading now. That said, should you have tuned in, you would be aware that Hanneman held a fictional festival in the desert, complete with spot-on lines of Crazy Town and Puddle Of Mudd being booked for it.

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Dubbed ‘RussFest‘, it turns out that HBO took things one step further for that fictional festival, creating an official website for it over at In addition to further exploring the character of Hanneman, there is an amusing Spotify playlist full of nü-metal and dad rock songs along with a few metal and alternative standards to be found on that site. You can find that below:

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