Ashley Purdy

Ex-Black Veil Brides Bassist Ashley Purdy Allegedly Urinated In A Cop Car After Recent DUI Arrest


Former Black Veil Brides bassist/vocalist Ashley Purdy was arrested last week after being found unresponsive behind the wheel of his vehicle with the engine running. The 40-year-old musician was only awoken after several minutes of police knocking on the window of his vehicle to rouse him at 3:30am in Nashville, TN on November 23rd.

According to an official arrest report obtained by, Purdy attempted to drive away upon being awoken but was unable to do so given his situation, eventually deciding to roll down his window and talk to the police. Having given incoherent responses to the police, including replying that the year was “April 2023” and stating that any potential drinking or narcotic use was “not relevant”, Purdy was eventually arrested on suspicion of DUI.

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Upon arrival at the hospital to draw blood from Purdy to establish the level and nature of his intoxication, officers found that Purdy had urinated on the backseat of the patrol vehicle. He is said to have ‘cursed and threatened officers’ upon their discovery of his actions.

He was booked into Nashville Metro Jail at 6:43am that morning. According to the arrest report, this latest DUI was one of multiple DUI’s Purdy has had with several turning up in the state of California, the most recent being from 2008.

Black Veil Brides publicly announced they parted ways with Purdy several days prior to the arrest on November 15th.