Falling In Reverse

Falling In Reverse & Crown The Empire Tour Cancelled As Derek Jones’ Fiancée Battles Cancer


Falling In Reverse‘s planned fall tour with Crown The Empire and Tom MacDonald has been cancelled due to an ongoing cancer battle being fought by the fiancée of Falling In Reverse guitarist/vocalist Derek Jones. Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke addressed her health situation and the resulting tour cancellation in the below statement shared online earlier today, November 04th.

“I can’t believe I’m even typing this…

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Derek’s fiancée Stina’s cancer has hospitalized her recently due to fluid in the lungs. While in the hospital matters have gotten worse and she has been moved to the ICU. Unfortunately we will have to cancel the Episode 4 tour. However, Derek and I discussed it and agreed that we are going to try and play Australia. It does not seem right in my heart to tour knowing of her condition as Derek has to be with her to help her fight through this. I’m sorry to the fans, Crown The Empire and Tom MacDonald. I will make it up to you somehow.


A Go-Fund Me for Stina can be found at:

Refunds for tickets and VIP upgrades available at point of purchase.”

The aforementioned cancelled tour was due to run from November 07th through to December 11th.