Them Crooked Vultures

Josh Homme Speaks On His Hopes For More Them Crooked Vultures, Says His Photographer Kicking Incident “Wasn’t As Big A Deal As It Was Made Out To Be”


Queens Of The Stone Age frontman/guitarist Josh Homme took part in a recent chat with, discussing the newly released 11th & 12th volumes of his ‘Desert Sessions‘ series and more. During the discussion Homme was asked about the possibility of another release from supergroup Them Crooked Vultures, who in addition to Homme, feature John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) and Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters among their ranks.

Homme responded:

“The ironic thing is that we all want to do another Vultures record and I think everyone has certain roles they play in the Vultures, and in all honesty, I feel like part of Dave’s role — since he got it together the first time by saying, “Hey, do you wanna try this?” — I feel like that’s part of in his job description in Vultures.

I have my various things that I’m supposed to do I think, but that isn’t one of them. But I’m always ready to be in Them Crooked Vultures again. I don’t chase, you know?”

Later in the discussion, Homme was also asked about his infamous actions at the 2017 ‘KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas‘ festival, which saw him kick a female photographer’s camera into her face during Queens Of The Stone Age‘s set. Homme later apologized for his actions at the time. When asked what he learned from that experience in this new interview, Homme replied:

“Well, that’s really just a very insignificant part of all the things I’ve done in my life. I think in the time frame, certainly much more was made of it than necessary, and I think people take things and they run. And it’s not like anyone was going to listen to what I had to say, so I didn’t say really anything. And I don’t see the real reason to do it now.”

He continued:

“Of all the things I’ve done in the world, is that really … that’s something that you’re considering defining? I don’t know.”

When asked if he wanted to further address the incident now that some time has passed, he responded:

“Well you have to presuppose if I wanted to, I would’ve. And also, people just take something and run, and what actually happened really doesn’t matter when folks get something and things catch fire. It wasn’t as big a deal as it was made out to be, nor is it significant for my life out of all the things that have happened.”

You can read the whole interview over at

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