Silvertomb (Ex-Type O Negative) Debut “Right Of Passage”


Silvertomb (ex-Type O Negative, etc.) have debuted their new track “Right Of Passage / Crossing Over“. The group’s Kenny Hickey commented:

“There’s something wrong with my generation: the 90’s generation of musicians specifically. Why we were so prone to suicide and OD’s is still a question to be answered with any clarity. ‘Right of Passage‘ poses the question of whether we have the inherent right to choose our own time and type of death.

I had my own botched attempt at suicide in 2009 and I’m happy now it wasn’t successful. The artwork for the single release of this song is an actual picture of my face after I was hit by a truck in 2018. I broke my face and head and severely injured my shoulder and had multiple surgery’s since. Survival is often a serious pain in the ass.”

The group’s debut album “Edge Of Existence” will be in stores on November 01st.

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