Korn's Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Davis Says He Frequently Attended Korn’s Virtual Video Game Concert


Korn frontman Jonathan Davis‘ passion for video games has been well-documented over the years, so it wasn’t a surprise that the band recently held a ‘virtual concert’ in a video game. That concert turned into a battle event event sorts that was frequently held in the video games ‘AdventureQuest 3D‘ and ‘AQ Worlds‘. Speaking recently with Kotaku, Davis admitted to having attended the virtual concert himself numerous times,  going so far as to fashion his avatar after himself. He said of that: “I go to the event all the time. I dress myself up as me, I bought all the shit.”

The ‘shit’ he is referring to are the various Korn-themed cosmetic items which were made available for players avatars in the game as part of the virtual concert. The chat also saw Davis discuss his failed plan to develop a video game in the early 2000s called ‘Pop Scars‘ that would have seen members of Korn, Limp Bizkit, Marilyn Manson and more do battle.

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He also once again spoke of his love of video games that are often developed with younger audiences in mind, including ‘Toy Story 3: The Video Game‘ and the ‘Spyro The Dragon‘ series. Korn‘s new album “The Nothing” is in stores now and is currently expected to debut at #9 on the charts with an estimated 34,577 units shifted in the U.S. during its first week of release.

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