Bullet For My Valentine

Matt Tuck Admits Bullet For My Valentine “Tried Too Hard” On “Scream Aim Fire”


Bullet For My Valentine vocalist/guitarist Matt Tuck doesn’t look back too fondly on the band’s 2008 album, “Scream Aim Fire“. That outing followed the release of their 2005 breakout album “The Poison” which eventually went gold in 2009. While “Scream Aim Fire” was also commercially successful, looking back now Tuck feels the outing is a bit lacking.

Speaking to Kerrang! as part a newly published entry of the publications ‘The 10 Songs That Changed My Life’ feature, Tuck had the following response about the album after being asked which song he could go back and change if he could:

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“That whole album [“Scream Aim Fire“] could’ve been better in many ways. Partly because I needed to go to speech therapy and get a tonsillectomy, but we also tried too hard to show everyone what we were about as far as metal credibility goes, whereas we should’ve just gone down the path we wanted to. Those songs would’ve been better if we’d have done what we did on ‘The Poison‘ and written from the heart.”

In the same feature he was asked which track he most proud of writing, he responded with “Tears Don’t Fall” off of “The Poison“, offering:

“This is the obvious choice because it’s been a fan favourite since it came out, and it catapulted us from London’s Barfly to Wembley. I’ve written far better songs since, but in terms of what it’s done for the band, it’s the song I’m proudest of.”

You can check out the rest of the feature over at

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