Lochlan Watt

Australian Metal Musician/Radio Personality, Etc. Lochlan Watt Fighting Brain Cancer, GoFundMe Launched


Australian metal musician and radio personality Lochlan Watt has been diagnosed with brain cancer and is undergoing treatment for it this year. Facing down 8-9 months of radiation chemotherapy after having already undergone surgery this spring, he will be left unable to work for some time and thus  this GoFundMe has been launched to help keep him afloat financially.

In addition running a label, hosting a heavy metal show on Triple J and booking numerous heavy acts in his native Australia, Watt has fronted a bunch of heavy bands, most notably filling in for Thy Art Is Murder on tour during CJ McMahon‘s exit from the group.

The following was offered of his current struggles and health:

Lochlan needs our help. He suffered a violent seizure in early February and was found unconscious on his bedroom floor. After initial tests, the doctors found a brain tumour and ordered he have surgery to remove it. After successful surgery in May, further tests revealed that Lochlan had a diffuse grade III glioma (primary brain tumour).

Although he feels uncomfortable about starting this campaign, he’s been told he will have to have 8-9 months of radiation chemotherapy in order to eliminate any cancer around where the tumour grew.

We all know Lochlan as a triple j radio host, record label manager, tour promoter, and musician.

During this next 12 months of therapy and recover, he won’t be able to work full time. His employers have been incredibly supportive and everything will be there for him to continue his work properly on the other side – he has no interest in logging off.

We are looking to ease the financial burden over the next year of chemotherapy and recovery.

In addition to the last few months of surprise costs and reduced income, there are forecast expenses through the chemotherapy itself, additional costs in his living situation with having had to move closer to the hospital he will receive treatment in.

In order to get back to full strength and get back to contributing in countless ways to heavy music, which many of you know him from, having to worry about finance shouldn’t be at the front of his brain (or a tumour).”

The Black Queen/ex-The Dillinger Escape Plan frontman Greg Puciato is among the musicians to have come forward voicing support for Watt, offering:

“It guts me to have to type this, but here it is to the point. A friend of ours, Lochlan Watt, is someone who has done a lot for the music community in Australia. He’s been a huge supporter, both of this band, and, going back years and years, of The Dillinger Escape Plan, and was with us the whole time on our recent Australian run.

He was also instrumental in our record release down there, as well as in the booking, promoting, and facilitating of our tour. Those of you in Australia may know of him as a Triple J radio host. More importantly than all of those things, is that we instantly clicked as people, and had the best time.

After that time together getting to know one another, and doing good work together, being able to rely on each other professionally and then hitting it off personally, I now consider Lochlan a friend.

Recently I got some text messages I never expected to read. Lochlan, at 31 years old, has been diagnosed with brain cancer, specifically Grade III glioma. He has already had surgery, and is now about to go into 8-9 months of radiation chemotherapy.

Although his spirits are high and he’s as full an ass-kicker as any I’ve ever known, he could use help, and more importantly, the lift in spirits that comes from feeling the support and love from other human beings on this journey. There is a GoFundMe to help with medical related expenses/cost of living/quality of life. Please consider helping out. I know damn well what this community is capable of. Time to rally.


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