Dog Fashion Disco

Dog Fashion Disco Explain Why They’ve Been Re-Recording Their Past Records


Dog Fashion Disco have been re-recording new reimagined versions of their early albums over the course of the past few years and they’ve now provided a public explanation as to why. Thus far the band have revisited “Erotic Massage“, “Experiment’s In Alchemy” and “The Embryo’s In Bloom” (as “Experiments In Embryos“) and “Anarchists Of Good Taste“.

Just recently they announced that a new version of their 2003 record “Committed To A Bright Future” would arrive on June 21st through their own Razor To Wrist label.

Throughout their career the band signed with several different labels to originally release the albums, some of which have gone defunct, while other deals appear to have been less favorable. In turn, to get their music on streaming services and regain some control of their songs, the band decided to revisit the records.

They commented of that earlier this week:

“We are very proud to have accomplished our goal of completely re-claiming the rights to our old albums from Spitfire, Artemis and Rotten Records (except for Adultery – which will never be touched). It has taken a while and we’ve certainly gotten a lot of questions and criticism, and that’s ok.

The reason that we made new versions of all of these albums was so we could put them on streaming sites, and make them available to all. If people like what we do and want to buy a shirt, or share our music with a friend that’s all we can ask for.

The new version of Committed was a blast to make and we think fans of the original will love it, and maybe these new versions will reach some new folks who might want to be a part of the island of misfit toys.”

Pre-orders for the new version of “Committed To A Bright Future” can be found here.