ChokeholdJC Boudreau

Chokehold Premiere “Profit Over People”


Another song off of Chokehold‘s forthcoming comeback album “With This Thread I Hold On” has received its online premiere below. This latest track is titled “Profit Over People” and it tackles the opioid crisis. The reunited outfit are preparing to release a new album by the name of “With This Thread I Hold On” on April 19th via Good Fight Music and previously debuted this first single from it. Speaking of this latest track, the band offered:

“It seems like every other month we are hearing about another friend, family member or acquaintance gone from substance addiction. The alarming thing that a lot of these people had in common is being prescribed opioids to deal with what may have been a simple pain relief issue at the time. Without the much-needed education and resources, it can feel like a helpless battle for those addicted and those around them.

The pharmaceutical companies responsible for the opioid crisis know precisely what they are doing, running their business like a criminal empire with prizes going to the pushers. No one should expect to transition to drug addiction after seeking pain relief from someone they are supposed to trust. Sounds unbelievable but over 80% of Heroin users reported that their first opioid was a prescription drug. Our addictions are their profits and what is even more sickening is that some of these same people are trying to profit again with medications to treat the same addictions they caused.

Our governments are being bought and controlled by these companies, and this keeps recovery programs and education severely underfunded and alternatives to pain relief illegal. Addiction is not a weakness or lack of willpower; this is about the vulnerable being taken advantage of at their most desperate time.

How many more close to us are we going to let be victims of this vicious cycle?

What can we do to change the outcome?”