Ill Niño

The Ill Niño Lawsuit Features Numerous Ugly Accusations Against Drummer Dave Chavarri


A copy of the lawsuit filed as part of the legal war over the Ill Niño trademark has surfaced online via MetalSucks, who have also summarized the document. Earlier this year it was revealed that the band had replaced their vocalist and guitarists, leaving founding drummer (and band manager) Dave Chavarri as well as bassist Lazaro Pina as the driving force behind this planned new version of the outfit.

However, that reveal was soon followed by frontman Cristian Machado, guitarist Ahrue Luster and guitarist Diego Verduzco denying that they ever left the group and objecting to apparently having been forced out.

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It was also revealed that the dispute between the two parties over control of the band also made its way to the courts with Machado, Luster and Verduzco filing suit against Chavarri and Pina for control of the band’s rights.

In their 53-page complaint, the above trio allege that Chavarri failed to pay for various band related services, ranging from merch printing to tour bus rentals and more.

They also allege he wrongly kept money paid to the band by openers who bought on to their tours, allegedly pocketed guarantees and tour advances for himself, falsified documents for his own financial gain and more. You can find a copy of the suit over at MetalSucks.

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