The Damned Things

Keith Buckley Says “High Crimes” Is A “Complete Reinvention” For The Damned Things


The Damned Things‘ forthcoming return with their new album “High Crimes” won’t be retreading any ideas from the supergroup’s 2010 debut, “Ironiclast“. Speaking recently with about the record, the band’s frontman Keith Buckley (also Every Time I Die) stated that he views the album as a “complete reinvention” for the group.

The band’s latest incarnation unites members of Fall Out Boy, Anthrax and Alkaline Trio and Buckley had much to say of where this album will take them:

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“It’s different in every way. It doesn’t even feel like a maturation of old Damned Things stuff—this is a complete reinvention. As far as I’m concerned, the difference in approach to songwriting between a 29-year-old and a 39-year-old is significant—I felt like a new person going into this.”

“There were so many different personalities rearing their head on our last record; it was like we were all trying to represent the bands from which we came, and it ended up not being loyal to any of them. It was a strange mix of styles, and at the time, I appreciated it because I was working with geniuses and icons, but having sat on that album for 10 years, and with it just being Andy, Joe, Scott and I this time around, we’ve come out with something that feels like the stuff [we] should’ve been writing in the first place. This is rawer, less polished and less self-aware than last time. ‘High Crimes‘ is fun music with a cool attitude to it.”

Nuclear Blast will release “High Crimes” on April 26th. The album’s first single “Cells” debuted late last month and can be found here. Earlier this week the band announced this U.S. tour with Crobot and He Is Legend.

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