Capital Vices At Wendy's

Watch Two Bands Play A Wendy’s In Knoxville, TN


Sure Taco Bell have been feeding metalcore and heavier bands of all stripes over the years with their Feed The Beat program, but it seems 2019 is Wendy’s‘ year to shine. Following up on the fast food chain’s epic Twitter roast of numerous heavy bands comes the below footage of metalcore band Capital Vices and pop-punk band Makena performing inside an actual Wendy’s.

According to, the bands stopped off at a Knoxville, TN Wendy’s location to use the bathroom and jokingly asked a manager if they could play. To their surprise, she said yes, as Capital Vices stated “We stopped to use the restroom and just jokingly asked if we could play and the manager let us because it was her birthday and she wanted us to do it as a birthday present.”

Wendy’sTwitter account even got in on the fun:

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