The Browning

The Browning Claim Their Former Label Blocked Them On Social Media After Pulling Their Albums From Streaming Services


While there’s a number of logical reasons why bands albums can go missing from streaming services from time to time, it would appear that in the case of Earache Records, the label haven’t been forthcoming with answers.

With The Browning‘s first two albums “Burn This World” and “Hypernova” having gone missing on the service, the band claim that the label has gone so far as to block members of the band’s individual social media accounts to ignore their requests for reinstatement.

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In a statement issued this past Wednesday, January 16th, The Browning stated:

“We have had a lot of people asking where our first two albums went on Spotify, ITunes, Apple Music, YouTube and more.

The truth is that our old label Earache Records owns both of those albums, and we do not.

For whatever reason they decided to take them down, and as we don’t see royalties from those anyway, they are doing nothing but shooting themselves in the foot to spite us, and to spite you, our fans who enjoy those albums.

We have tried to reach out to no avail, and they have blocked us on both the band pages, and our personal pages on social media. There is not a lot we can do about it, as they have the legal precedent to do what they want with the albums they own.

If you’d like it back, maybe go leave them a friendly message or a comment letting them know how you feel. In the mean time, please enjoy our other two records put out by the wonderful Spinefarm Records. Thanks for your time.”

Fellow Earache Records alumni Decapitated have also found themselves in a similar situation and commented of it this week as well:

Decapitated Fans!

For the last few months we’ve been receiving lots of emails and messages from you, about why old albums aren’t available on Spotify and other streaming sites.

We contacted Earache Records and we haven’t had a response yet. We apologise to you for any inconvenience and very much hope that matters can be resolved by Earache Records, as soon as they know more about the issue.

We will keep you informed. Thank you sincerely for your continuing loyalty, support and goodwill.”

A cursory glance at Spotify shows that there are Earache Records releases from other artists available on the streaming service, including past catalog releases from Napalm Death and newer fare from the likes of Oceano. As of press time, Earache don’t appear to have publicly commented on the matter.

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