Rob Zombie

John 5 Says New Rob Zombie Album Is “Better Than White Zombie Anything”


John 5 has made a bold claim about Rob Zombie‘s forthcoming seventh studio album, insisting that the outing is better than anything in the catalog of Rob Zombie‘s former outfit, White Zombie. That record is tentatively expected to arrive later this year with John recently saying of it on the Talk Toomey Podcast:

“The Zombie album is wrapped, mixed, mastered and heavy and awesome. And hooky and musical, and badass. The best Zombie record to date—better than White Zombie anything…He went nuts on this one. I’m telling you, it’s the best Zombie record you guys will hear. And we’re going to have a big tour. We’re going to do videos, and you know, I’ve been in the band with the guy forever and I just love him.”

John 5 of course handles the guitar duties for Rob Zombie and will be releasing a new solo album of his own titled “Invasion” this year with a tentative July release planned. He most recently debuted a new single titled “Zoinks!” from it which you can find here.