Every Time I Die's Andy Williams

Every Time I Die’s Andy Williams Has Been Touring This Month With A Ruptured Bicep


Every Time I Die guitarist Andy Williams isn’t about to let a considerable injury get in the way of the band’s live shows. Williams, who wrestles on the side, has confirmed that he ruptured his bicep during a tag match he was in earlier this month. To add insult to the injury, he suspects the rupture came about after a seemingly innocuous move involving the ring ropes.

Williams went into detail on his injury in the below episode of his podcast with his frequent wrestling partner Jesse “Braxton Sutter” Guilmette. As Williams explains, he has since been diagnosed with a ruptured distal bicep.

Despite the injury, he has been pushing through the band’s current headlining run with Turnstile, Angel Du$t and Vein.