Behemoth’s Nergal: “Ten Seconds Of The New Behemoth Album Would Probably Kill 100 Emo Kids”


Behemoth vocalist/guitarist Nergal is back with another pull quote, this time from an interview with Heavy Consequence, Nergal reacted to initial fan criticisms that the title to the band’s new album “I Loved You At Your Darkest“—which has its roots in Romans 5:8—sounds ’emo’. After a lengthy explanation behind the title choice and how he feels it’s almost a pioneering decision for an extreme metal band, he went on to say:

“Ten seconds of the new Behemoth album would probably kill 100 emo kids—and then another hundred and another hundred. And then by the end of the record, there would be no emo kids in the world – so maybe we should encourage them to listen to the record! Maybe we should encourage them to listen to the record, c’mon.”

Behemoth just began this North American tour with At The Gates and Wolves In The Throne Room.

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