Warrel Dane

Warrel Dane’s Final Recordings To Be Released In October


Late Nevermore/Sanctuary frontman Warrel Dane‘s final recordings will be released on October 26th via Century Media under the title of “Shadow Work“. Dane passed away on December 13th, 2017 as the result of a heart attack. He had been working on material for his sophomore solo album in São Paulo, Brazil at the time.

Vocal tracks Dane recorded in the studio and during pre-production sessions were put together for the release with Century Media‘s Jens Prüter (head of A&R) and Stefan Franke (product manager) commenting:

“We are looking forward to release these 40 minutes of music in October. We and many other workmates at Century Media Records have known Warrel for years, have been through thick and thin, and are fans of his art just like the many, many people supporting him since the ’80s. The dedication his band, Travis Smith and our team invested in completing ‘Shadow Work‘ was astonishing and the entire record carries an eerie atmosphere of Warrel already feeling that this might be his last work. It is heartbreaking that he was right in the end. Rest in peace, friend.”

Artist Travis Smith was commissioned by Dane to create a cover for the album prior to his death and commented:

“[Warrel] told me he wanted the cover for this one to be a personification of one of its songs, affectionately titled ‘Sweet Madame Satan, And Why.’ I dug up the skeleton of an old idea we’d talked about once before, and with a few details and alterations of his own, it was exactly what he had envisioned. He ‘loved it,’ approved it, and then gave me an outline for what he wanted to do for the back cover to complement it as a sort of prologue.

I finished the additional artwork taking inspiration from old conversations, titles, absorbing passages from his notebooks, and some lyrics that he’d passed along earlier…

Thank you for everything these past 20 years… It was an honor. It will be missed. You are missed. I know we did you proud.”

Dane‘s bandmates Johnny Moraes, Thiago Oliveira, Fabio Carito and Marcus Dotta issued the below collective statement on the release:

“To give birth to a work like this, is for us a tribute to someone that was like family and honor his memory by sharing some of the savage poetry that he created and was ultimately so proud of.

Warrel came into our lives like a storm, took us into a very intense ride, we roamed endless roads into the unknown, into places that we never dreamed of both inside and outside our minds, and left. He was someone who lived with us, dreamed with us and enjoyed our hospitality, and in return gave us so much back. Some of us acted like his mother, some of us saw him as a father figure, some of us took care of him in some of his darkest moments. Yet he was a friend, and somehow, will be always there.

To record such an album, and to work alongside an artist as gifted as Warrel, is somehow like being enthralled by his brightest light, and, at the same time being engulfed by his darkest shadow. There is so much to say, and yet nothing to say. In the meantime, we are proud to share this portrait of the storm we went through in form of art. Light, peace and love.”

Both the first single and pre-orders for the album will be live on August 31st.

Warrel Dane - Shadow Work

01 – “Ethereal Blessing
02 – “Madame Satan
03 – “Disconnection System
04 – “As Fast As The Others
05 – “Shadow Work
06 – “The Hanging Garden” (The Cure cover)
07 – “Rain
08 – “Mother Is The Word For God

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