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These Are The Best Thrash Metal Songs Of The Past 35 Years According To Metal Hammer


Throughout the year the UK edition of Metal Hammer have been compiling what they feel are the best thrash tracks to be released during select eras from the genre’s humble beginnings up until present time. You can partake in the explanations behind each choice and find playlists for the songs at each of the below links alongside a flat list of their choices.

The 10 Best Thrash Songs From 1983-85‘:

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Metallica – “Metal Militia
Suicidal Tendencies – “I Saw Your Mommy
Anthrax – “Metal Thrashing Mad
Slayer – “Chemical Warfare
Destruction – “Mad Butcher
Exodus – “Bonded By Blood
Kreator – “Tormentor
Overkill – “Rotten To The Core
Celtic Frost – “Circle Of The Tyrants
Megadeth – “Rattlehead

The 10 Best Thrash Songs From 1986-89‘:

Metallica – “Battery
Megadeth – “Black Friday
Slayer – “Angel Of Death
Kreator – “Pleasure To Kill
Anthrax – “Caught In A Mosh
Testament – “Over The Wall
Sodom – “Nuclear Winter
Voivod – “Macrosolutions To Megaproblems
Xentrix – “No Compromise
Sepultura – “Mass Hypnosis

The 10 Best Thrash Songs From 1990-99‘:

Megadeth – “Holy Wars… The Punishment Due
Slayer – “War Ensemble
Kreator – “People Of The Lie
Heathen – “Hypnotized
Pantera – “Fucking Hostile
Sodom – “The Crippler
Machine Head – “Blood For Blood
Witchery – “The Reaper
The Haunted – “Hate Song
Testament – “Down For Life

The 10 Best Thrash Songs From 2000-18‘:

Destruction – “The Butcher Strikes Back
Kreator – “Reconquering The Throne
Exodus – “Star Spangled Banner
Aura Noir – “Condor
Municipal Waste – “Unleash The Bastards
Slayer – “Cult
Evile – “Thrasher
Megadeth – “Head Crusher
Overkill – “Ironbound
Metallica – “Spit Out The Bone