Mushroomhead’s Skinny On Replacing Frontman Jeffrey Nothing: “It Truly Doesn’t Affect Anything”


Mushroomhead drummer Steve “Skinny” Felton doesn’t expect the departure of vocalist Jeffrey “Nothing” Hatrix to have too big of an impact on the band. Hatrix had been with the group since their earliest days and exited the outfit earlier this year with Steve Rauckhorst of Pitch Black Forecast being brought on as his replacement. Appearing recently on ‘Talk Toomey‘, Felton said of the change:

“We did it with J Mann back in 2003, 2004. Fans get very emotional about bands, so does anyone; listen to a band long enough it becomes part of you.

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It’s one of those things where, I am very much looking forward to the change and the unknown type of thing. We’ve been through this so many times that it truly doesn’t affect anything. I’m sure the writing will continue to be… It’s out there, the Shroom stuff is not a one size fits all.

[We had] three singers on the last album, shit, I think on the last album we had six singers total…”

Mushroomhead will soon be out headlining the ‘Summer Of Screams Tour‘ with a new lDVD titled “Volume III” headed for an August 17th release.

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