Allegaeon Set Title For New Album, Plan Fall Release


Allegaeon‘s new album has been titled “Apoptosis” and the band are tentatively planning to release in late October. Recording sessions for the effort took place with Dave Otero (Cattle Decapitation, Khemmis) once again handling the production duties.

Speaking recently with ‘The Metal Teddy Bear Experience‘ for 90.3 WMSC, the band revealed that the album is expected to feature around 13 tracks with frontman Riley McShane commenting in particular about the record:

“It has themes. The title of the album, Apoptosis is the scientific term for when cells systematically die to have new cells come in and replace them. It’s often seen in just regular growth of tissue and growth of organic materials. So growth is really the theme of the album.

We feel that between ‘Proponent For Sentience and this record, Proponent For Sentience‘ was my first record with Allegaeon, ‘Apoptosis‘ is going to be Brandon Michael or Boo-Boo Money, our new bass player, that’s going to be his new, his first record. I think that as we continue to play and grow we just…grow, y’know?

We just keep getting better and better and the music really shows and I really wanted to tie that into the lyrical concept, still keeping things scientific, showing how death leads to new life in a lot of different ways, whether it’s through how forest fires do that kind of stuff or whether it’s for certain types of cellular adaptations and all that stuff.

But there’s is also a few songs on there that are a little more geared towards social constructs and growing as people and growing as artists and growing as a society. It’s a little bit deeper, I’d say, lyrical themes that have been on previous Allegaeon records but I think that’s just another way that we’re showing that we’re growing.”

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