Zeal & Ardor

Eight Fans Got Their Flesh Branded With Zeal & Ardor Logos At The Band’s Live Shows


The dedication that diehard fans pledge to their favorite bands can certainly veer into concerning territory at times—especially in the heavy music scene, where extremity often enjoys an amplified presence. From the man who tattooed Earth Crisis‘s logo on his face to the fan who carved Slayer‘s logo into their arm as seen on “Divine Intervention“, there can be a very high level of commitment at play.

But while getting a logo or member of a band tattooed on one’s person barely moves the needle these days, it does take a certain level of devotion to brand one’s flesh with such a mark—especially at a live show.

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Zeal & Ardor previously offered that option at their early live shows and thus far eight people have taken the plunge. While the band’s mastermind Manuel Gagneux did’t wield the hot iron himself—that duty fell to the artist/merch guy who forged the brand—Gagneux did help with the disinfecting.

Speaking with The Guardian, Gagneaux admitted that the venues weren’t too ‘enthused’ about the practice. When asked about how it went down, he stated “Oh, it’s a really hot iron, so it’s pretty sterile. And we disinfect right after. It’s more of an outside-the-venue deal.” Responding to who handled the brand, he replied “The artist who actually forged the thing. He’s also the merch guy. So he might be talking it up to people. Oh God, this is a lawsuit waiting to happen.”

The practice appears to have since been discontinued and Gagneaux felt it tied into a frequent concept visited in his music: slavery. Speaking further of that he offered:

“The intent was that no one would ever do it. Because that’s the whole thing: you don’t want this brand. If you do, you’re just an idiot who is following, not thinking for yourself. If they want to underline my statement, that’s fine with me. But eight people is enough. If they don’t get the symbolism, let’s not encourage them.”

The band’s new album “Stranger Fruit” is set for a June 08th release date.

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