Jonathan Davis Of Korn

Korn’s Jonathan Davis On His New Solo Album: “For One, It’s Not All Tuned Down To A”


A new interview with La Weekly reveals Limp Bizkit, etc. guitarist Wes Borland to be one of the guest musicians involved with Korn frontman Jonathan Davis‘ new solo album, “Black Labyrinth“. DavisKorn bandmate Ray Luzier, as well as bassist Miles Mosley, were also among the musicians involved with the sessions for that effort, which Sumerian will have out on May 25th.

Speaking of the differences between the album and his output with Korn, he stated:

“For one, it’s not all tuned down to A. That’s the biggest thing. It’s like any other band that plays a fucking eight-string, it’s going to sound like Meshuggah to me. Because they were the first band to do that. [The album] has a different-world vibe. Some songs are heavy, some aren’t. But it’s a different beast. It’s just me, writing and doing what I do.”

With the project having been in the works for a decade, Davis actually recorded 30 songs over the years, though only 13 are set for this new album. He said of the prospect of future solo releases:

“I’ve got a laptop full of shit. I think for the Jonathan Davis stuff, though, each project’s going to be completely different. I’ve got Korn and I love it, and that’s my main band.

So I want to do something that’s artistic each time. I’m not trying to sell a bajillion records. I’m just trying to do cool things. That’s my main focus. The next one could be heavier in a completely different vein.”

While Davis is currently out on this North American tour, his Korn bandmates have been fleshing out the group’s thirteenth full-length album.

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