Alkaloid (Obscura) Premiere “Kernel Panic”


Alkaloid are now streaming a new song titled “Kernel Panic” from their forthcoming album, “Liquid Anatomy“. That album will be out on May 18th through Season Of Mist, while the band commented of the track itself:

“The title was coined by Morean after his old computer gave him a kernel panic message, which is a safety measure in operating systems when they encounter a internal fatal error. The song itself showcases quite a few of our disparate influences and serves as a subtle warning for what’s to come on the rest of the album. During the writing sessions ‘Kernel Panic’ was the first song that we agreed should be on the album. We changed the running order of songs quite a bit, but ‘Kernel Panic‘ was always going to be [our choice for] the opening track.”

The outfit notably feature both current and former members of Obscura and more among their lineup.

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