The WWE Went All-In With Megadeth Puns During A ‘Symphony Of Destruction’ Match On ‘Raw’


Last night’s (March 05th) episode of ‘WWE Raw‘ saw the program host a ‘Symphony Of Destruction‘ match between Elias and Braun Strowman that involved various musical instruments as weaponry. Given the name of the match, it was only fitting that both the announcers and the match participants took part in a series of Megadeth-related puns—including Strowman offering the following in a promo prior: “I know you’re sweating bullets, because tonight, you find out about my symphony of destruction. Tonight starts the countdown to your extinction.” Commentator Corey Graves later dug in during the match

Strowman wants to settle the score, but… peace sells, but who’s buying?”
“This could be reckoning day for Elias at the hands of Braun Strowman.”
“Like a runaway train… A train of consequences.”
“I think we’re about to witness Elias rust in peace.”
“Pain is Braun’s business and business is good in Milwaukee.”

Graves wrapped it all up with “If I don’t at least get free Megadeth tickets after that, I never will.”

[via Loudwire]