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The Plot In You Stream New Album “Dispose”, Vocalist Explains Departure From Heavier Sound


Dispose“, the new album from The Plot In You is now available in stores and is also available to stream below. The stream first emerged via, who also have an interview with frontman Landon Tewers. Speaking of the change in direction the album represents for the band and why they chose to move away from their heavier roots, Tewers offered:

“Well when I first started Plot I was a metalhead through and through. After touring with only heavy bands, recording heavy bands, and writing primarily heavy music for years it just became mundane. If you look at any pop artist in the industry that’s stayed relevant over a decade or longer you notice that they’ve evolved over time, and with the times.

I simply don’t listen to what I listened to eight to 10 years ago. I’ve gone through things in my earlier days that made sense to scream about, and could be conveyed properly through heavy music. These days that tone just doesn’t work for the most part. I’ve written three and a half records worth of heavy music. I want to expand and challenge myself.”