Stone's Zach Dear

Stone Vocalist Zach Dear (Ex-Expire) Accused Of Sexual Assault, Etc. By Various Women


Numerous women have come forward with allegations of sexual assault, sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, rape and assault against current Stone vocalist/ex-Expire guitarist Zach Dear. Disturbingly, there’s so many accusations from different women that a Tumblr has been set up to compile them at this location.

One of the conversations shared on that site is between an alleged victim and Dear‘s former Expire bandmate Caleb Murphy, who states that the band were unaware of his actions during their time together.

Dear himself has responded to the allegations with the below statement, stating that Stone will be taking a break from touring in light of the allegations:

“In the last few days there have been some stories involving me circling around the internet. Most saying that I hurt people in different ways. While on tour I was shamefully promiscuous. It’s not something I’m proud of but it is something I’ve been honest about. I lived by the rule that every intimate encounter was over when a woman said “no.”

In every intimate situation I’ve been in, my understanding at the time through body language, being kissed back, etc., was that everything was consensual. I am not the kind of guy who would intentionally harm anyone and – given the chance – I would apologize to anyone who felt I misinterpreted their signals or hurt them. That was far from my intention.

I think it’s important for women to raise issues like this. No question. It gives everyone the opportunity to reflect and deal with them honestly which is what I’ll be doing while we take a break from touring.”

Stone were gearing up to release a new album titled “Inch Of Joy” via Pure Noise on March 02nd and had this tour booked opening for Knocked Loose and Terror. It is currently unclear if the album will still be released or if the band will taking part in the trek. Meanwhile, according to the aforementioned Tumblr account, the allegations have already cost the band a at least one festival spot.

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