AC/DC's Malcolm Young

Brian Johnson Speaks On Late AC/DC Guitarist Malcolm Young: “He Gave Rock And Roll A Fist”


Former AC/DC vocalist Brian Johnson has shared various thoughts of his time spent with the band’s late guitarist Malcolm Young, who passed away over the weekend. The 64-year-old guitarist had been suffering from dementia which forced him to step down from the band a few years prior.

Talking with, Johnson, who himself was forced to step down from the band roughly a year or so ago due to hearing problems and has underwent nine operations since on his ears, recalled his audition process for the band, recording “Back In Black“, goofing off and more. An excerpt can be read below:

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Malcolm gave rock and roll a fist. He’d give it a kick in the ass. People always used to ask Mal, ‘How do you get that sound, man?’ Malcolm either wouldn’t tell them or just really couldn’t explain it. He would just go, “We just play.” I used to stand next to him at the end of ‘Let There Be Rock,’ where there is a big huge build at the end and it builds and builds. Malcolm would go through two guitar picks during that one song. He would wear them down. He was the most precise guitarist.”

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