Five Finger Death Punch

Advisor To Vladmir Putin Quotes Five Finger Death Punch In Op-Ed Condemning America For Hypocrisy


The world of heavy music and politics continue to intertwine this week with word that Vyacheslav Surkov, who previously served as the Deputy Prime Minister Of Russia and Bloomberg describes as now being Russian president Vladmir Putin‘s ‘point man on the east Ukraine conflict,’ recently quoted lyrics from Five Finger Death Punch‘s “Wash It All Away“, while also mentioning the band by name in this piece. That piece calls out Western culture for hypocrisy with particular references regarding the current state of Hollywood and more. It would seem that Five Finger Death Punch‘s recent concert in Moscow led to their inclusion in the op-ed.

Five Finger Death Punch‘s guitarist Zoltan Bathory has commented on the piece, offering:

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“Ha… Another one in Bloomberg…. The title reads: “How U.S.-Russia Diplomacy Went Heavy Metal – In the new Cold War, pragmatic dialogue is out. Quoting Five Finger Death Punch is in”

Well…. let me just say…. It’s especially interesting that we just happened to be in Russia at the moment. We had a fantastic show at the Stadium in Moscow yesterday… The energy of the crowd was incredible. We love our Russian fans just as much as they love us… They are at the airport when we arrive, follow us all over Europe, all the way to America, even to South America… We see their faces and we see their sawn together Half-Russian-Half-American flags everywhere… We are family… Music Unites….

I can tell you…. between the people … there is NO hate… there is NO cold war here… so let’s NOT make one. I grew up on this side of the iron curtain in communism… so I have ACTUAL memories of the cold war…. Even back then… though we were told by the communist media that America was the “Enemy”… Nobody… and I mean nobody sane actually believed that… We loved American Music, American culture… and the American people… We understood the difference between propaganda and reality…

Just as I ran into some Iranian kids in the elevator… as they were taking photos – they actually said – “please don’t believe the media” … they are lying to you! We don’t hate America… and they tried to explain that regular (especially younger) people don’t feel that way whatsoever…
The media needs to be responsible with their words – choosing ratings over peace is irresponsible

So let’s tone down the hysteria and try harder with that dialogue…”